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These school photos were blown up on the copier and turned into portraits for display in the Ozark Playgrounds Association handbook. Official member boy has his Bingo wagon with him, and Office member girl brought her doll. I will very likely white wash the map so that I can journal in that space ultimately. I finally remembered I have rubber stamps to use in my journal with this new journal and have been trying to pull some out and print. I almost always stamp in black ink, although I have other colors, and I almost always use Staz-ON even though I have other brands. I like that Staz-on goes over anything and under water and mediums. I am sure not the world’s best stamper as you can tell, but I even like when the images is rough, sort of like an abstract memory in this case. Half faded away.

A page from yesterday in my new journal, using Christy Tomlinson’s tissue paper printed with vintage dresses. The faces are blown up from a school photo and collaged under the tissue paper. The arms, legs and shoes were drawn on with watercolor tempera sticks, as were the balloons. The background is watercolor. I did something different with this entry. Before posting it, I ran it through the Topaz plug in for Elements and altered the page digitally using the “Lomo II” filter. This filter gives the page the look of shooting with a Lomo camera. Treating a page like an image gives versatility to the page, at least for digital uses like this. There is no end to how you can alter your own journal pages using filters and combinations of filters. Just because you created it once and liked it, doesn’t mean you can’t play around with it and like it again, and again, and again.

One page journal entry for a belated Easter, using as a focal point the beautiful card my Mom sent us. I love daffodils and we don’t have them down here in Florida. The background is an old car repair receipt from 1940, with Claudine’s Studio Paints over top and a semi-circle of Japanese print paper. I thought the printed paper referred to both a painted Easter egg and stained glass window. It was meant to be egg-ish and shrine-ish all at the same time. Asking it to work overtime. I did a little doodling with curvy lines in the same Sharpie I journaled on the page with.

The first test page in my new journal, the Canson Artist Series All Media one. This page has a watercolor background in sunny yellow, washi paper, asian newspaper and graphic from a brochure for the border, a car repair receipt from 1940 off to the side of center and then two prints from a hand carved styrofoam plate in gray gesso. The journaling part is documentation of the germination of the seeds planted in my garden and little doodle drawings of the adorable sproutlings. I love working on pages like this that build from the scrap pile, then sing with a little handmade goodness like a spontaneous print.

An art journal page from yesterday. I am working now into a new blank book. It is a Canson Artist Series “All Media” book that is taking water and medium very nicely. No pilling of paper or warping. The orange is watercolor foundation. The bottom border is masking tape to hold the watercolor paper with “deeply” written on it in watercolor crayon. The butterfly is an image from an expired calendar. I used soft gel, gloss on this piece which is highly unusual for me. 95% of the time I work with matte finish and was surprised I even had any gloss. The problem with gloss in Florida is that sometimes it refuses to dry. However, this is Golden brand and performed beautifully. Since the calendar was already superglossy finish, it seemed appropriate to use the gloss medium. I did outline the butterfly with one of my favorite tools, the Stabilo All pencil in black. I bought the same pencil except in brown this weekend and like that one too. I love the water soluble quality of these pencils…they make a deep, intense mark.

A stitched paper and fabric collage using a botanical print and drawings on paper with lace, a handmade heart, map and chintz fabric. The drawings are of Napoleon’s entourage, by an unknown artist whose work I picked up at an estate sale. My sewing skills are improving as I make these simple collages almost every day. I enjoy occasionally putting a lot into a collage and then being dissatisfied with it enough to deconstruct it and cut it up into as many heart shapes as I can get out of the project. The hearts are usually way more interesting than the original project. Don’t forget your “failures” can turn into great opportunities if you refuse to let things get precious and are willing to either take them apart or really alter them significantly.

A printed napkin is the foundation for this stitched collage featuring a vintage postcard image, lace, handmade stitched heart and vintage handwriting on old lined paper. There is some eyelet edging and tulle thrown in for good measure. The cat is wearing eyeglasses which cracks me up because my cat is cross eyed and needs them. She could also use that good looking hat and not the junk mail paper hat that Bob insists she wear each day when she helps him sort the mail. Perhaps this verges on “too much information”.

A print of my original portrait of a model named Jennifer at one of ARTpool Gallery’s soirees is featured in this stitched collage. Vintage linen, pom pom fringe, lace and a handmade heart stitched to a linen background. The print was toned with pink watercolor crayon. I’ve been doing a lot of stitched pieces lately and four of them are hanging in the gallery for $45 now. P.S. There are new photo galleries at!

Two scribble drawings with Sharpie markers on 4×12″ canvases. I began scribble drawing as a release from the pressure and grief of the home invasion a couple months ago. I decided to paint these two drawings and they took on a slightly different character than the scribbles. The energy of these pieces to me feels very outsider art-ish.

Mixed media stitched collage featuring an original photograph, vintage dish towel, handmade collage stitched heart, embroidered fabric and some kind of weird vintage trim that is pleated vinyl. Along the left side is some commercial fabric and wool embroidery yarn. AFter stitching the whole thing was dunked into leftover morning coffee. I call this mannaquin “little girl lost” because that is what I always think when I see her and I’ve used her several times already in various pieces. I found her at the fabulous ARTpool Gallery, where Moi is having a show in September 2012 as the featured artist. Just found out that news on Friday.