crickyn (aka Terry Lee Getz) was born in the 50’s in the northern Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C. She inherited a love of photography from her father and has practiced shooting for more than 20 years. Her second love is fiber of all kinds and she has explored nearly every use of it from sewing to weaving to papermaking. It was her interest in surface embellishing fiber that led her to the mixed media she is pursuing currently. Also a writer, crickyn is informed by text and intrigued with the “spell words” that people cast on themselves and each other. Contemporary work is influenced by genealogy, especially matrilineal, myth and story and the heroine’s journey.

crickyn is a published writer, a former zine producer and a mixed media artist. Both written articles and accompanying artwork can be found in the North Light publication, Kaleidoscope, by Suzanne Simanaitis and Somerset Studio Magazine. She produced her own popular zine, Pisces Rising, from 1998-2003 and her writing and artwork was featured prominently in other zines of the time. She lives in St. Pete with her husband, dog and cats.

crickyn publishes a website and blog at terryleegetz.com. Please visit to check out the Mythos line of wearables and mixed media art.




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