Best friends art journal page, altered

Posted: April 20, 2012 in art journal, photography
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A page from yesterday in my new journal, using Christy Tomlinson’s tissue paper printed with vintage dresses. The faces are blown up from a school photo and collaged under the tissue paper. The arms, legs and shoes were drawn on with watercolor tempera sticks, as were the balloons. The background is watercolor. I did something different with this entry. Before posting it, I ran it through the Topaz plug in for Elements and altered the page digitally using the “Lomo II” filter. This filter gives the page the look of shooting with a Lomo camera. Treating a page like an image gives versatility to the page, at least for digital uses like this. There is no end to how you can alter your own journal pages using filters and combinations of filters. Just because you created it once and liked it, doesn’t mean you can’t play around with it and like it again, and again, and again.


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