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I learned yesterday that as part of my participation showing my altered purses in Trashion Fashion at ARTpool Gallery in July I need to style and accessorize seven models for the runway. YIKES! My experience in runway fashion happens on Lifetime Thursday evenings glued to to the tube. Anyway, the glove has been thrown down. The idea of this fashion show is that the featured items are 50% trash or thrift type finds. I love the flower look of the bottom of this soda bottle (it is a small bottle, not the honking soda size). I am also considering drink umbrellas, altered child sized umbrellas and medalions made from yo yo’s with vintage pin centers, some vintage embroidery or crochet,using repurposed chain necklaces etc. I need headgear, necklace, bracelet (obviously the purses I entered in the show originally are the star accessory) and something for the models to carry. That’s where I thought of umbrellas as delightful parasols. Any ideas out there how to make great fashion items ON THE CHEAP and out of junk? Or the most inexpensive place to find kid’s umbrellas?


A stitched paper and fabric collage using a botanical print and drawings on paper with lace, a handmade heart, map and chintz fabric. The drawings are of Napoleon’s entourage, by an unknown artist whose work I picked up at an estate sale. My sewing skills are improving as I make these simple collages almost every day. I enjoy occasionally putting a lot into a collage and then being dissatisfied with it enough to deconstruct it and cut it up into as many heart shapes as I can get out of the project. The hearts are usually way more interesting than the original project. Don’t forget your “failures” can turn into great opportunities if you refuse to let things get precious and are willing to either take them apart or really alter them significantly.

One day I painted some muslin with Micaceous Iron Oxide by Golden and gathered a print and some other handpainted cloth and began to sew the pieces together randomly by machine. I simply went where the machine needle was pointing and sewed for about 20-30 minutes, I would say. Then I took scissors and began to (again) randomly cut away at the layers of fabric I had sewn together. What began to emerge was one pretty obvious funky bird, and a few others if you are able to rotate the circle around and stare for a minute or so. After the first cutting session, I added more machine sewing and cut again. Ultimately, I sewed whatever needed it and then appliqued the silver cut circle to the top of the piece and called it finished. I could also title this Bird Mandala.