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The first test page in my new journal, the Canson Artist Series All Media one. This page has a watercolor background in sunny yellow, washi paper, asian newspaper and graphic from a brochure for the border, a car repair receipt from 1940 off to the side of center and then two prints from a hand carved styrofoam plate in gray gesso. The journaling part is documentation of the germination of the seeds planted in my garden and little doodle drawings of the adorable sproutlings. I love working on pages like this that build from the scrap pile, then sing with a little handmade goodness like a spontaneous print.


An art journal page from yesterday. I am working now into a new blank book. It is a Canson Artist Series “All Media” book that is taking water and medium very nicely. No pilling of paper or warping. The orange is watercolor foundation. The bottom border is masking tape to hold the watercolor paper with “deeply” written on it in watercolor crayon. The butterfly is an image from an expired calendar. I used soft gel, gloss on this piece which is highly unusual for me. 95% of the time I work with matte finish and was surprised I even had any gloss. The problem with gloss in Florida is that sometimes it refuses to dry. However, this is Golden brand and performed beautifully. Since the calendar was already superglossy finish, it seemed appropriate to use the gloss medium. I did outline the butterfly with one of my favorite tools, the Stabilo All pencil in black. I bought the same pencil except in brown this weekend and like that one too. I love the water soluble quality of these pencils…they make a deep, intense mark.

I love the challenge of doing a journal page spread with only magazine images. I believe in wringing a magazine dry to the point that there is nothing worth recycling by the time I’m done with it. That’s getting your money’s worth and doing the planet a favor. This is a treasure  map on the subject of a show I am having in September. There are several other subjects I want to treasure map but the magazine yielded especially nice images and words for the exhibition subject so I made this a one treasure map. These maps are fun to do, a creative challenge and a nice focus of positive intention all at the same time. The way I get started is to remind myself of my favorite trees, animals, birds, insects and flowers before I open the magazines, plus the subjects I’d like to represent in the map. I look for certain words that can be cut out, cut up and used as partials or letters to make words with. Fashion magazines have nifty phrases in the ads. Unless something changes, Treasure Mapping will be the first class I teach in mixed media processes at Whim So Doodle in St. Pete on May 19. P.S. This map was made in the Canson XL series Mixed Media blank page journal. On the cover it said it was suitable for watercolor process. Beware! It is not. The paper crumbled and wrinkled terribly with small amounts of water and even Mod Podge. My recycled map book journal beats this one all to heck and cost much less money.

I drew/doodled this page in one sitting most likely while watching something on TV. I was playing around with drawing with fountain pens, something I’ve not done unless you count doodling in high school during steno class. But now we are going into the waaaaayyyyy baaaaaccckkkk and I can hardly tell for sure WHAT happened in high school. I know steno is long gone. Anyway, I have several fountain pens, one that eeks out a little ink here and there so it makes a nice scratchy drawing (I believe most of the angel was done with that pen). The other real fountain pen delivers a very nice inking on demand and is likely responsible for lettering and text in this doodle. The color is some cheapy disposable fountain pens I bought a long time ago that – shock – still work. Every now and then I get in the mood to work like this. I’ll start off with one drawing and begin to turn the page and change the orientation as I go along. That way, the page has some interest. It’s a very stream of consciousness process and all kinds of bibs and bobs turn up in there. Try it one day while watching TV or when on the phone for a long time. Lots of times, I don’t even remember drawing most of the stuff. This page was rediscovered as I was sorting through some journals…I had forgotten I’d even drawn it.

Graffiti inspired background with magazine cut out silhouettes and white gel pen journaling. It’s not easy finding magazine images with the proper bold character for these mixed media pieces. So far fashion magazines are the best yield. Guess what? After 70+ postings on this blog, nearly each day (except for Saturdays usually) since late December, I am running out of completed art. Don’t turn that dial yet, though, still have a few things up my sleeve and goodness knows  I won’t run out of photos anytime soon, but I know you like variety, or at least I suspect you do. What’s a girl to do? Make more? Well, I guess I could, as evidenced by the last few days but we’ll have to see…

Remember those vintage pipe cleaner, felt and styrofoam head figures peeps used to make? I found one at an estate sale and had to have it. It had big ole’ shoes, gloves and a pointed hat in felt, some sort of nose and a little tunic looking shirt over it’s upper body. Pretty hinky but full of old craft magazine memories. One day I was outside early and noticed that a ray of super bright sunshine was beaming down on our white shed and got the idea to shoot some shadows. There was Mr. Hinky Elf, in all his splendor. I think he made quite a silhouette, all long and lanky. So I shot him for awhile and a few other things and printed them out. When I sat down to make this page I was interested in texture and layered on many cancelled postage stamps and some small labels, etc. I also put a hand drawn womans face and my Shadow Man on there and then painted over it all several times with a credit card. Lots of texture, plus an odd focus image. My kind of page. This one is finished, I won’t put writing on it because I like it the way it is.

I took this picture of an angel holding a dove at a cemetery in Brooksville, FL. The statue was unique in my collection. I’ve been shooting graveyard images for 15+ years, all over the southeast US. The image was Photoshopped and the height of the statue gives it a kind of wonky orientation on the page (the statue was about 3 1/2-4′ tall). I printed the photo on regular copy paper and placed it on an otherwise prepared page. It looks like I used either pan watercolors or pan gouache to color the image. This page is in my altered map journal but has no journaling on it besides the “The bird leaves no trail” saying. I  doubt that anything more will be done to this page in the future, I like it the way it is right now.

The picture is a tad crooked because the altered map book journal I use is so big it hardly fits on the chair seat without falling off. Sorry about that. This page features one of my favorite processes which is paper mosaic. I like to use either colorful magazine pages or my own colored/textured surfaced papers. Can’t remember which this is, but it was watercolored over after gluing, I can see that.I think the orangy-red in the center might have been printed at one time with a styrofoam plate print and watercolor washed. This page doesn’t have any journaling yet. I usually work ahead visually in a book and then as the mood strikes to write I decide which page to use and try to find a pen that will actually print over top all the process work. Most likely that will be a Sharpie of some kind, or a white gel pen if the background is dark enough.

I’m dedicating this post to my friends Elli and Soren. To Elli because she has  a case of spring fever right now of epic proportions. And Soren loves googly eyes on everything and these chix have pretty close to googly eyes going, without actually googly-ing. The journal part is above, written in white gel pen. I found these chicks at the drug store after Easter last year and have them sitting on my kitchen windowsill. They are bright and cheerful and we have extremely interesting conversations while I do the dishes. Nothing I can share here, you understand. Spring has Sprung!

Last summer we had epic rain which resulted in the spawn of mosquito larvae on our flat roof which was holding puddles of water. About this time, dragonflies reached all time highs in populations and record breaking sizes and colors. I even saw a rare for this area bright red dragonfly; most of them here are an iridescent greenish-blue or brown. It was not unusual to see dragonflies last summer the size of birds, and in packs of 50+ swarming the backyard. If I had an ounce less of dragonfly love it would have been positively creepy and The Mist-y. I commemorated one dragonfly filled day with this journal page. I have a ginormous dragonfly stamp and did a lot of coloring with marker over top of already pretty scrapbooking paper. Patterns and lines were made using a white gel pen and I found a cute tree frog in a magazine to paste onto a wing looking like he was getting a free ride. Whee! I sewed around the edge of the page when it was finished with a blanket stitch. I love this page because it reminds me of a real day in the backyard enjoying nature and because of all the summer colors in it.