Day of the Dragonfly

Posted: February 28, 2012 in art journal
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Last summer we had epic rain which resulted in the spawn of mosquito larvae on our flat roof which was holding puddles of water. About this time, dragonflies reached all time highs in populations and record breaking sizes and colors. I even saw a rare for this area bright red dragonfly; most of them here are an iridescent greenish-blue or brown. It was not unusual to see dragonflies last summer the size of birds, and in packs of 50+ swarming the backyard. If I had an ounce less of dragonfly love it would have been positively creepy and The Mist-y. I commemorated one dragonfly filled day with this journal page. I have a ginormous dragonfly stamp and did a lot of coloring with marker over top of already pretty scrapbooking paper. Patterns and lines were made using a white gel pen and I found a cute tree frog in a magazine to paste onto a wing looking like he was getting a free ride. Whee! I sewed around the edge of the page when it was finished with a blanket stitch. I love this page because it reminds me of a real day in the backyard enjoying nature and because of all the summer colors in it.

  1. Sarah - The Mailmonster says:

    It’s just wonderful when your art brings back all the memories from the day and time you made it. That’s fabulous!

  2. bevbrazelton says:

    I would love to witness dragonflys as big as birds and in packs of 50. How cool.

    • crickyn says:

      yes, they are a sight to behold. the key is to have plenty of the food they like, in this case it is the mosquito larvae on the roof, so they hang all around they house and zoom up there and down all day long, eating. Usually if we get normal rains the roof dries out before the mosquitos can get to the right stage for them. In Florida we have big dragonflies all the time, but last years were mega big. thanks for commenting bev. tl

  3. Love! Great page and amazing colors!

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