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I have an ornamental bird cage that catches the light once a day if the sun is strong enough and on this day I couldn’t resist shooting it. I like the way it came out, with a little distortion and the fine brass bars highlighted. The heavy lines are also the cage, circumference support and the door frame, a little off kilter. If you’ve followed the blog for any length of time you know no ray of sunshine or object around the house is safe from shadowlet production and my attention. If you have a camera this puts it to fun use.


Remember those vintage pipe cleaner, felt and styrofoam head figures peeps used to make? I found one at an estate sale and had to have it. It had big ole’ shoes, gloves and a pointed hat in felt, some sort of nose and a little tunic looking shirt over it’s upper body. Pretty hinky but full of old craft magazine memories. One day I was outside early and noticed that a ray of super bright sunshine was beaming down on our white shed and got the idea to shoot some shadows. There was Mr. Hinky Elf, in all his splendor. I think he made quite a silhouette, all long and lanky. So I shot him for awhile and a few other things and printed them out. When I sat down to make this page I was interested in texture and layered on many cancelled postage stamps and some small labels, etc. I also put a hand drawn womans face and my Shadow Man on there and then painted over it all several times with a credit card. Lots of texture, plus an odd focus image. My kind of page. This one is finished, I won’t put writing on it because I like it the way it is.

One of the shadowlets I created in the afternoon on my kitchen countertop, by using a strong ray of sunlight and a stencil. Because only parts of the stencil were illuminated, the shadowlet is abstract. This one looks to me like an ancient glyph, perhaps for the word “tree”. I like the way the shadow also has a shadow around the bottom edge of each patch of light. If you have been following my blog for a while you know that I love capturing found shadowlets (or creating them if the opportunity arises). I find them so evocative and fun. Just another thing to keep that camera in use!

Perhaps these should be called Shadow Lites rather than shadowlets. Caused by sun randomly striking my kitchen countertop in the afternoon while some mehndi stencils were out for use. After the first one I set some up, some stencils worked better than others. I like how there is actually a shadow of the shadow working in this one in some spots. I’ve spoken about shadow play before and I urge you again to watch for opportunities to capture random patterns that occur anytime the sun is in the correct position and angle. Just the other day I captured Count Dracula on the paper supply in my printer. The sun came through and shadowed the paper holder in such a way as it looked like a vampire with a cape. I’ll show you that one if it came out, at a later date.

This shadowlet appeared on my working counter in the late afternoon one day. The patch of sun was quite small, just big enough to show through the stencils I was using at the time. I got probably half a dozen shots of different images as the sun moved before the opportunity was gone, likely no longer than 15 minutes or so.

There are times in my home during different seasons that shadows appear from the windows onto far walls. Sometimes the shadows are too faint to be picked up well in the photo. You need a pretty strong light source and the other problem capturing these images, as I said before regarding the found birdy, is that the sun moves so quickly that the prime image lasts only a little minute in some cases. Keep your camera handy and watch the walls for interesting shadows, act quickly and you can capture these illusive, fun shadowlets.

A couple of years ago as I went through my Florida room I noticed this beautiful cast shadow on the wall. There was a bird knick knack sitting on a shelf and the sun was hitting it just the right way to cast this lovely shadow. I was lucky to find my camera in time to record it. Note: if you haven’t captured shadow images yet, time is of the essence. The little blurries around the bird are actually light moving…it happens that fast. I save all my found shadow pictures, even blurries and bad compositions. I do what I can to photoshop the formats but the haziness is left unattended. This type of photography brings me such joy.