Sketchbook fountain pen fun

Posted: March 21, 2012 in art journal
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I drew/doodled this page in one sitting most likely while watching something on TV. I was playing around with drawing with fountain pens, something I’ve not done unless you count doodling in high school during steno class. But now we are going into the waaaaayyyyy baaaaaccckkkk and I can hardly tell for sure WHAT happened in high school. I know steno is long gone. Anyway, I have several fountain pens, one that eeks out a little ink here and there so it makes a nice scratchy drawing (I believe most of the angel was done with that pen). The other real fountain pen delivers a very nice inking on demand and is likely responsible for lettering and text in this doodle. The color is some cheapy disposable fountain pens I bought a long time ago that – shock – still work. Every now and then I get in the mood to work like this. I’ll start off with one drawing and begin to turn the page and change the orientation as I go along. That way, the page has some interest. It’s a very stream of consciousness process and all kinds of bibs and bobs turn up in there. Try it one day while watching TV or when on the phone for a long time. Lots of times, I don’t even remember drawing most of the stuff. This page was rediscovered as I was sorting through some journals…I had forgotten I’d even drawn it.

  1. diana trout says:

    Love the fountain pain. Just got my son an Ahab Flex from Goulet Pen. It is REALLY nice and a decent price. Now I want one. Dang. Loving the silhouettes. Very cool

    • crickyn says:

      hi Diana, thanks for the compliment on the silhouettes. they are a challenge to find images for. A good heads up to all you out there looking for a fountain pen. The one I have that writes well is an Icona that I got at Office Depot. I know it isn’t for penphiles and probably not nearly as good as the one Diana is recommending but it does deliver ink.

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