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I love the challenge of doing a journal page spread with only magazine images. I believe in wringing a magazine dry to the point that there is nothing worth recycling by the time I’m done with it. That’s getting your money’s worth and doing the planet a favor. This is a treasure  map on the subject of a show I am having in September. There are several other subjects I want to treasure map but the magazine yielded especially nice images and words for the exhibition subject so I made this a one treasure map. These maps are fun to do, a creative challenge and a nice focus of positive intention all at the same time. The way I get started is to remind myself of my favorite trees, animals, birds, insects and flowers before I open the magazines, plus the subjects I’d like to represent in the map. I look for certain words that can be cut out, cut up and used as partials or letters to make words with. Fashion magazines have nifty phrases in the ads. Unless something changes, Treasure Mapping will be the first class I teach in mixed media processes at Whim So Doodle in St. Pete on May 19. P.S. This map was made in the Canson XL series Mixed Media blank page journal. On the cover it said it was suitable for watercolor process. Beware! It is not. The paper crumbled and wrinkled terribly with small amounts of water and even Mod Podge. My recycled map book journal beats this one all to heck and cost much less money.


Graffiti, St. Pete

Posted: March 29, 2012 in graffiti
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Another portion of a graffiti wall, unfortunately no longer visible, in downtown St. Pete a year or so ago. I was lucky to run across two graff artists in process on a smaller wall that day who answered some questions I had and were pretty inspirational. The wall this piece is from contained images by most likely half a dozen artists in a montage; it was stunning. I think this hand is gorgeous and love the stenciling and starburst of color in  red.

I have an ornamental bird cage that catches the light once a day if the sun is strong enough and on this day I couldn’t resist shooting it. I like the way it came out, with a little distortion and the fine brass bars highlighted. The heavy lines are also the cage, circumference support and the door frame, a little off kilter. If you’ve followed the blog for any length of time you know no ray of sunshine or object around the house is safe from shadowlet production and my attention. If you have a camera this puts it to fun use.

The most recent in my silhouette series on 12″ canvas. Free spirit out for a night on the town. This was a fashion magazine ad originally, cut out with a craft knife, painted with black gesso and matte medium to place it on top of the acrylic and gesso background. There was also an edge of scrapbooking paper still showing on the left side. This canvas was repurposed from one of my previous paintings. If stuff is around here long enough and I no longer feel it I have no problem painting over it. Enjoy your day!

Graffiti inspired background with magazine cut out silhouettes and white gel pen journaling. It’s not easy finding magazine images with the proper bold character for these mixed media pieces. So far fashion magazines are the best yield. Guess what? After 70+ postings on this blog, nearly each day (except for Saturdays usually) since late December, I am running out of completed art. Don’t turn that dial yet, though, still have a few things up my sleeve and goodness knows  I won’t run out of photos anytime soon, but I know you like variety, or at least I suspect you do. What’s a girl to do? Make more? Well, I guess I could, as evidenced by the last few days but we’ll have to see…

One of the shadowlets I created in the afternoon on my kitchen countertop, by using a strong ray of sunlight and a stencil. Because only parts of the stencil were illuminated, the shadowlet is abstract. This one looks to me like an ancient glyph, perhaps for the word “tree”. I like the way the shadow also has a shadow around the bottom edge of each patch of light. If you have been following my blog for a while you know that I love capturing found shadowlets (or creating them if the opportunity arises). I find them so evocative and fun. Just another thing to keep that camera in use!

I really love this small portion of graffiti I shot more than a year ago on the side of a building where artists were allowed to paint. It was a montage of several artists but I enjoy the composition of this picture and took tight shots of pieces rather than the whole wall. There is such an elegance in the line and the grey, white, black and red color scheme, and I like the stenciled dollar signs in contrast to the sweeping sprayed lines of paint. Unfortunately, the wall is now blank and I was glad I documented the art while I had the chance. This blurred line art reminds me of the capability that the Stabilo All pencil has for making a watercolor-like line with graphite. In other words, this look could be replicated in our journals with a bit of practice. Cool to think about.

with a willingness to be changed by what we hear”-Mark Nepo. This is a page from my altered map book journal. The page started with a black and white copy of a map I made of my hand, then collage elements and a rough border were laid in on top of the illustration. Watercolor provides a unifying burnt yellow and the quote, shrine and bird pictures are all from magazines or junk mail. This is the first page in this book and I covered it for protection with an old piece of brown wax paper which was pulled back for the photo. I like using evocative quotes culled from reading material and already printed, ready to glue into the page. I also rubber stamp and hand write quotes that seem appropriate for the day that aren’t pre-printed. I believe this is the second page I’ve shared from this altered map journal, I continue to work into it frequently but it takes time to move through it because everything has to dry properly before moving on.

Perhaps these should be called Shadow Lites rather than shadowlets. Caused by sun randomly striking my kitchen countertop in the afternoon while some mehndi stencils were out for use. After the first one I set some up, some stencils worked better than others. I like how there is actually a shadow of the shadow working in this one in some spots. I’ve spoken about shadow play before and I urge you again to watch for opportunities to capture random patterns that occur anytime the sun is in the correct position and angle. Just the other day I captured Count Dracula on the paper supply in my printer. The sun came through and shadowed the paper holder in such a way as it looked like a vampire with a cape. I’ll show you that one if it came out, at a later date.

From the amazing January shop window at ARTpool Gallery comes this fun vignette of a vintage poodle sitting pretty on an etagere with a pair of gloves casually laid on the top shelf. I love the look on this poodles face and also his body posture. The only thing missing is the chain many of these knick knacks from the 50’s had around their necks. A photo like this can bring memories rushing back of our grandmothers or great aunts living rooms or vanity vignettes from back in the day. If that poodle could only talk? Why not look at old items in the thrift store, antique or retro shop and make a note of how many you remember, what houses you remember them from and who owned them. Were they favorites or despised gifts that had to be placed on show? Did they get passed around or passed down sacredly? My grandmother had a keychain bob that I called the purple horse, even though there was very little purple left on the figure and I can’t be sure if it was a horse or a seahorse at this date. But I remember it and several cool brass keys it held! Have a good time relating to these kitschy items and don’t forget your journal entries.