Vintage Vignettes make good journaling prompts

Posted: January 26, 2012 in photography
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From the amazing January shop window at ARTpool Gallery comes this fun vignette of a vintage poodle sitting pretty on an etagere with a pair of gloves casually laid on the top shelf. I love the look on this poodles face and also his body posture. The only thing missing is the chain many of these knick knacks from the 50’s had around their necks. A photo like this can bring memories rushing back of our grandmothers or great aunts living rooms or vanity vignettes from back in the day. If that poodle could only talk? Why not look at old items in the thrift store, antique or retro shop and make a note of how many you remember, what houses you remember them from and who owned them. Were they favorites or despised gifts that had to be placed on show? Did they get passed around or passed down sacredly? My grandmother had a keychain bob that I called the purple horse, even though there was very little purple left on the figure and I can’t be sure if it was a horse or a seahorse at this date. But I remember it and several cool brass keys it held! Have a good time relating to these kitschy items and don’t forget your journal entries.


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