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This page doesn’t photograph all that great but if you look at the larger image by clicking on the smaller one you can see some detail better. There are three stampings of my styrofoam plate image of Guadalupe that I carved several months ago, all these stampings are in blue. And then there are three stampings in black of a rubber stamp that I have of Guadalupe. The background is tempera paint and the styrofoam plate stamps are tempera, too. Tempera is one of my favorite paints to use in art journaling. It dries matte which I like. It dries more quickly than acrylic, which I like. The paints mix well, which I like because the color range is somewhat limited. It’s non toxic and non stinky, which I like. In summation, I LIKE it. It’s inexpensive, too, which I REALLY like. Try it. My go to if I am not trying to prep a surface is white tempera which dries semi-opaque in one coat, opaque in two, much quicker than gesso and much more reasonably priced. Just about every page in my altered map journal begins with white tempera paint.


I drew/doodled this page in one sitting most likely while watching something on TV. I was playing around with drawing with fountain pens, something I’ve not done unless you count doodling in high school during steno class. But now we are going into the waaaaayyyyy baaaaaccckkkk and I can hardly tell for sure WHAT happened in high school. I know steno is long gone. Anyway, I have several fountain pens, one that eeks out a little ink here and there so it makes a nice scratchy drawing (I believe most of the angel was done with that pen). The other real fountain pen delivers a very nice inking on demand and is likely responsible for lettering and text in this doodle. The color is some cheapy disposable fountain pens I bought a long time ago that – shock – still work. Every now and then I get in the mood to work like this. I’ll start off with one drawing and begin to turn the page and change the orientation as I go along. That way, the page has some interest. It’s a very stream of consciousness process and all kinds of bibs and bobs turn up in there. Try it one day while watching TV or when on the phone for a long time. Lots of times, I don’t even remember drawing most of the stuff. This page was rediscovered as I was sorting through some journals…I had forgotten I’d even drawn it.

I don’t believe I ever posted the cover of my altered map book journal. The cover is a heavy laminated cardstock. I attached this photo of a doorway in an alley in St. Pete, collaged with a different photo most likely inverted in Photoshop. I believe I used the polarize setting on the door photo to give it the shimmery blue/green color. I love to take and look at photos of doorways, doors and windows. It’s interesting to imagine what is on the other side.

Graffiti inspired background with magazine cut out silhouettes and white gel pen journaling. It’s not easy finding magazine images with the proper bold character for these mixed media pieces. So far fashion magazines are the best yield. Guess what? After 70+ postings on this blog, nearly each day (except for Saturdays usually) since late December, I am running out of completed art. Don’t turn that dial yet, though, still have a few things up my sleeve and goodness knows  I won’t run out of photos anytime soon, but I know you like variety, or at least I suspect you do. What’s a girl to do? Make more? Well, I guess I could, as evidenced by the last few days but we’ll have to see…

The roly poly guy I drew in the upper right corner on black is in direct contrast to the long tall shadow dude featured in yesterdays entry. These are facing pages in my journal. The color scheme and background texture technique carried thru but the artwork is all handdrawn on a black surface. I like using postage stamps as a background. The little perferated edges produce a good texture when glued to the page and painted over. There are also office supplies on it and randomly cut shapes. Paint was applied with a credit card to get a streakiness I like. Won’t be any journaling added to this page because I like it the way it is and in combination with the facing page.

Remember those vintage pipe cleaner, felt and styrofoam head figures peeps used to make? I found one at an estate sale and had to have it. It had big ole’ shoes, gloves and a pointed hat in felt, some sort of nose and a little tunic looking shirt over it’s upper body. Pretty hinky but full of old craft magazine memories. One day I was outside early and noticed that a ray of super bright sunshine was beaming down on our white shed and got the idea to shoot some shadows. There was Mr. Hinky Elf, in all his splendor. I think he made quite a silhouette, all long and lanky. So I shot him for awhile and a few other things and printed them out. When I sat down to make this page I was interested in texture and layered on many cancelled postage stamps and some small labels, etc. I also put a hand drawn womans face and my Shadow Man on there and then painted over it all several times with a credit card. Lots of texture, plus an odd focus image. My kind of page. This one is finished, I won’t put writing on it because I like it the way it is.

I believe I said earlier this week when presenting Albert the doll that when I say I have “a lot” of something it is likely to be an insane amount. Such is the case with this art journal page. More than a decade ago I procured a lot of stamps from Ebay and a box from a local used office supply shop. The stamps range in content from images for advertising to medicine to the Olympic games and a space shuttle mission. The text varies from “mixed nuts” to post office sayings to “import” and “export”. My goal was to see which of these antiquities still would print with a regular ink pad under normal conditions. Most of them did, leaving me with this busy page of black inked wonders. I topped the page off with one of my favorite poems by Mary Oliver printed off the Internet. I like this page with its random DADA meaninglessness, graphics printed in simple black ink and old style mid-last-century appearance.

I took this picture of an angel holding a dove at a cemetery in Brooksville, FL. The statue was unique in my collection. I’ve been shooting graveyard images for 15+ years, all over the southeast US. The image was Photoshopped and the height of the statue gives it a kind of wonky orientation on the page (the statue was about 3 1/2-4′ tall). I printed the photo on regular copy paper and placed it on an otherwise prepared page. It looks like I used either pan watercolors or pan gouache to color the image. This page is in my altered map journal but has no journaling on it besides the “The bird leaves no trail” saying. I  doubt that anything more will be done to this page in the future, I like it the way it is right now.

I really love this small portion of graffiti I shot more than a year ago on the side of a building where artists were allowed to paint. It was a montage of several artists but I enjoy the composition of this picture and took tight shots of pieces rather than the whole wall. There is such an elegance in the line and the grey, white, black and red color scheme, and I like the stenciled dollar signs in contrast to the sweeping sprayed lines of paint. Unfortunately, the wall is now blank and I was glad I documented the art while I had the chance. This blurred line art reminds me of the capability that the Stabilo All pencil has for making a watercolor-like line with graphite. In other words, this look could be replicated in our journals with a bit of practice. Cool to think about.

The picture is a tad crooked because the altered map book journal I use is so big it hardly fits on the chair seat without falling off. Sorry about that. This page features one of my favorite processes which is paper mosaic. I like to use either colorful magazine pages or my own colored/textured surfaced papers. Can’t remember which this is, but it was watercolored over after gluing, I can see that.I think the orangy-red in the center might have been printed at one time with a styrofoam plate print and watercolor washed. This page doesn’t have any journaling yet. I usually work ahead visually in a book and then as the mood strikes to write I decide which page to use and try to find a pen that will actually print over top all the process work. Most likely that will be a Sharpie of some kind, or a white gel pen if the background is dark enough.