Fierce with reality

Posted: February 25, 2012 in art journal
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Sometimes a journal page is  nearly an excuse to document a quote. Or it can seem that way, unless you do something, anything, to showcase the quote in a new setting. For some reason that I do not begin to remember, I decided to make this quote into a turban like headdress and do a partial portrait of a wise woman beneath it. The quote is by Florida Scott-Maxwell, who I am not familiar with nor had I heard this quote before but I loved it immediately and wanted  to save it to refer back to. I ended up loving this page even tho it is a bit sparse. There is so much to think about in the quote I did not really want to distract from that thought by putting in a bunch of color or textures or patterns. This is pastel chalk directly onto a naked white journal page, no special paper, no gesso. Just a sharpie, white page and a tad of planning–not much, though. I wanted the page to remain fresh when I view it. As a side note, I also see in this page which was done months ago, an interest in more white space which is on my mind these days when I make art. Not that you’d really notice a change yet…still in the percolating stage.


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