Posted: March 1, 2012 in photography
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I love love love this shot of a multi-tiered ruffled skirt that appeared on a mannaquin at ARTpool Gallery last month. The color of the skirt is a full blown red which did not interest me near as much as this image with the color removed. Often, black and white images are so much more intriguing than the original colored item. Sometimes the color of an object elicits such an initially strong emotional reaction that the beauty of the item is lost. Using a photo with these qualities makes a terrific study for drawing…just one ruffle would make a gorgeous rendering in your journal. Don’t overlook pictures with “nothing going for them” but texture because when these photos are turned to black and white in your photo editor they reveal their “true colors”. Have fun and don’t forget to practice your tonal drawings.

  1. I agree, I think black and white images are often better than their color versions!

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