Crow on a wire at twilight

Posted: February 24, 2012 in art journal
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Although this piece is on canvas board I consider it an art journal piece. The canvas had an image on it that did not work out and I began to play around from scratch over top of it. The crow kind of materialized out of the darker paint I was using to cover the previous work. I believe there is metallic paint in several colors on the crow and the rest of the color is regular acrylic. A white pen was used to journal a shrine-like shape around the bird. I love crows although I find them hard to render unless I am stamping them in black ink in a really graphic way. All that dark can make definition hard to achieve to separate areas of the body and face. I “solved” the problem somewhat in this piece by doing some sweeping lines with the white pen, which gave the bird some personality and unified the body of the bird with the rest of the piece. Certainly not my favorite piece, nor best created, but I did resolve  the problem of a canvas that was not working at all and turned this into a decent journal page. I will copy it and paste it into my altered map journal one of these days.

  1. Love all your art work, but I’m pretty partial to your capturing Crow in all his layered complexity. And I very much like the idea of reworking stuff.

    • crickyn says:

      hi deborah, thanks for your comment. i like the piece because it started out a mess! I was demo’ing painting a woman’s face at a party in 30 degree weather and the acrylic paint stopped moving and the face looked sort of like “welcome to my nightmare”! nearly anything was an improvement. haha.

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