She likes her men off the rack

Posted: December 14, 2011 in New Mixed Media art
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This is a 12×12 journal canvas that is one of five in a theme of obsessive love and compulsive thoughts. The title is “Off the Rack” and is composed from two original photographs, a background of tissue paper, heavy stenciling, working back in with acrylics and brush and then journaling on her face with pencil and on the canvas with white Sharpie™ poster paint marker. When these pieces appeared in a show, I was surprised that men were as interested in them as women.

  1. crickyn says:

    thanks again, mei, for your support. i just spent some happy happy time reviewing your 22 Spirits of Autumn artworks on your website. they are gorgeous, so vivid and beautifully designed. excellent work!

  2. Karen Page says:

    Beautiful and vibrant… love the depth of layers!!! The Sharpies are a nice touch. Glad I have a place to check out your work!!!

    • crickyn says:

      hi karen, thanks for the comments. i’m glad to have a blog now. it’s quick and fun which i never thought it would be. The Sharpie Poster Paint markers are a lot of bang for the buck and write over acrylics and just about everything i’ve tried. The white is a must have.

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