Praying by Amethyst River

Posted: December 13, 2011 in New Mixed Media art
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This mixed media painting was completed a couple years ago and I would consider it a self portrait. Tissue and handmade papers were used, as well as a book with Asian calligraphy that became the tree trunks. The striated nature of the composition was intentional. The hair is seashell. I’ve been asked many times why the figure has one eye closed and one eye wide open. I have no answer for that, except an affinity for owls and perhaps the idea that our vision is really incomplete, as if seeing with one eye only.

  1. megan noel says:

    i love it! How big is it?

    • crickyn says:

      hi megan. thanks for your compliment. it is 2’x3′, a big work for me as i prefer working small. i went thru a phase where i did several large paintings.

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