Posted: November 13, 2013 in art journal, New Mixed Media art

angel in trainingI know you’re out there-I can hear you breathing.

This is actually yesterday’s play time. I am going to take such SHINE-OLA about this page. I can already hear it.

All I can say is I was thinking Metaphysically or Optimistically or Unrealistically. I am allowed artistic and poetic license. I am both an artist and a poet. It comes with the territory. Well, I’ll change the subject and tell you about those angel wings. I carved them from foam. I got some foam that is really thin and I’m still struggling with getting a print I like. The thicker stuff (like what veggies and meat are packaged in at the grocery) is for some reason easier to print with. I’m also using tempera on paper, and I mostly used the foam with tempera on a harder surface in the past, and very smooth (wood plaque). However, I get really one-track-minded in the studio and I’ll try something that worked before and get in the habit and 18 prints later I realize it ain’t workin’.

I forgot to list my Tunes from yesterday but that’s ok. Less is more. However, today I want to indulge in a half-hearted rant about Pandora. I’m really fond of Pandora radio. It’s Roku for us but maybe some other streaming thing for you, if you are lucky. There are other streaming make-your-own-radio stations out there, but I’m a one trick pony. I learned how to use 6.5 remote controls to get the Pandora to come on without building a bonfire in the living room, dancing in a circle and praying to the gods. It almost took that but I got by with putting a chicken in a paper bag and swinging it over my head for 15 minutes. Anyway. Pandora is really good but for one thing, and that one thing is ALMOST a deal breaker but I still hang in there. Here’s the deal. On Pandora you can make your own station with a genre or by putting in your own favorite artist. I favor putting in the artist. So, I put in Willy Porter, because it is almost ALWAYS a Willy Porter day. I actually told Willy Porter in October when I saw him that I’ve logged hundreds and hundreds of hours listening to his music, and believe me when I tell you this, I did NOT get that overtime on Pandora. I got it in my CAR on CD the way the DINOSAURS did.  Actually, this rant is not so half-hearted, it’s shaping up pretty well.

So, when you ask for Willy Porter it seems like there would be a reasonable expectation that half the music you hear would be Willy Porter. And Pandora sucks you in at the beginning by starting you off with a WP, but very quickly Willy is waving goodbye across the prairie and Pandora has picked up with Dave Matthews. I mean picked up with extreme prejudice. And Pandora isn’t just messing with Willy Porter. I play Thomas Dolby radio and get Depeche Mode. I play Kate Bush radio and get Tori Amos. I play Gillian Welch and get Emmy Lou. I literally get 1 song out of 20 of the selected artist. On a good day. Right now, I’m playing Gillian Welch radio and they are playing Blackbird by the Beatles. I’ve left olde time bluegrass for British 1972. (update:-now it’s Crazy Love by Van Morrison),

I’m trying to figure out what’s in it for Pandora. And don’t write to me and say that it’s about advertising or record companies or licensing (ha! as if ANYBODY is going to write me). I’m sure that’s the likely reason. But alone in the studio with just me and blank canvases I am WONDERING about Pandora Peeps. I think about Peter Gabriel’s song “Shock the Monkey”. I would like to hear some Peter Gabriel but I’ll have to do that in the CAR, or figure out, who do I have to ask to hear that Pandora would give me Peter Gabriel? I am serious as whale poop about this. I actually am in the studio IMAGINING what radio station I could ask for and get Thomas Dolby.  It’s like alien abduction conspiracy–a lot of thinking but not any answers. I actually imagine some Pandora employee tearing off his headphones, screaming, “I can’t do this anymore! I can’t! OHHHH, the HUMANITY”.

Well, it’s way past lunchtime and I’ve worked up an appetite. Mayhaps I will see you tomorrow. I might play hopscotch, or get bubble gum in my hair.

peace, tl


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