the fire is always lit

Posted: November 12, 2013 in New Mixed Media art

fire is always lit

Running with scissors isn’t all that.

Today’s play from my altered atlas journal. Have been researching the family tree for about a month on-line. Funny, I always just thought of the relatives as two sets of grandparents. Very finite. Then the family tree grew and grew, and it seems that I am related to just about everybody, especially most of the population of Germany. There are interesting stories, imagined or real. One Civil War soldier great grandfather 3x removed was named Napoleon Bonaparte Clarvoe. Guess what army he was in? And his parents had such a good sense of humor, as he did, I would imagine, going through life named such.

The couple of you out there reading this blog are very likely wondering, what drew TL back to the drawing board? Many things, but the precipitating force was Saturday night gallery hopping in downtown St. Pete. I ran across an artist named Calan Ree who was presenting “Lore”, a solo collection. Her work is full of story, heart and skill. I had the pleasure to meet her and hung over her like an ice cream soda. As usual, I wanted what she had and wondered, for the millionth time, why it alludes me.

I wondered this out loud the next day to my friend on the phone. She referred me immediately to the book War of Art by Steven Pressfield. I got it on Kindle and commenced to read. It is easy to read in a few hours and is one of those books that is so clear that you cannot walk away in denial or confusion. My kind of book. I don’t have time to mess around anymore. I went into the studio that same evening and created my naive drawing posted yesterday. I have a new play schedule. 7am-12, while I am fresh. Everything works around this from now on, rather than the other way around which obviously hasn’t worked. No phone calls, errands, appointments or housework. Monday-Friday.

Spoiler alert!!! My problem was RESISTANCE

Well, it’s 12:18 pm. Time to mosey. Perhaps I will see you tomorrow. Perhaps not. Tentative plans include blowing bubbles and pulling faces, to see if my face stays that way.


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