Bee coat of arms

Posted: November 14, 2013 in New Mixed Media art

coat of arms beeIt is only fitting that Deborah, whose name means “bee” or “queen bee” in Hebrew, inspired this piece. Deborah, my friend, this is for you. But it’s not finished yet. Not sure how it will be finished but something needs doing. I tried at least doing a background color for it in Photoshop but I’m so rusty in that program that I couldn’t figure it out today.

I have wanted to create coats of arms for a very long time. There is so much to them, it’s unimaginable how valuable and complex they were for families, monarchy, etc. The only way to identify themselves and could be the difference between life and death. The symbol system in shields and banners is wide and deep. This is a literal (very) presentation, technical beyond what I ever intend to get into, but I have 5 studio hours each day and there was time to try it. It was inked, stamped and I mixed all the watercolors to get a harmonious palette. There was about 10 hours in this and there are mistakes that I couldn’t avoid because I had no idea how to do it. I loved this process and plan (how I hate that word) to do more, hopefully in a different style that will evolve organically.

There were killer bees locally living in an attic and they swarmed, attacking two dogs, killing one and the other barely made it. This is to my knowledge the first killer bees known in our area. It is a shame, because we have many local apiaries and it will be harder to maintain hives for bees now. I am afraid for a bee backlash, we have to protect the healthy ones. So here is a visible prayer for them.

Speaking of prayer, my friend Deborah is an incredible intuitive who has discerned and practiced her gifts for a long time. She produces beautiful art with poetry and sends it as mail art, delighting recipients and post people everywhere. Most of all, she has been a constant friend, supporter and non-judgmental caring soul to me. Give yourself a gift from her Sanctuary Boutique or consult her for an intuitive share.

I gave up on Pandora today and played my broken CD player. It skips and stops and is generally annoying and disruptive, but I had a nice selection. Counting Crows “August and Everything After”, Gillian Welch “Time (The Revelator)”, Brewer & Shipley “Weeds and Tarkio”, Neil Young with Crazy Horse “Everybody Knows this is Nowhere”, Tears for Fears “Sewing the Seeds of Love”.

Tomorrow’s agenda is playing tag with trees and a three act play with finger puppets.

  1. Deb not Deborah says:

    I can’t decide which piece I like better, this or the naïve child page. Glad I don’t have to decide! Not to be argumentative, but I think this is done except for a beautiful ornate frame. I’ve really enjoyed going through your posts. Death to resistance!! Congrats

    • crickyn says:

      hey deb. thanks for looking around! yeah, death to resistance and keep calm and carry on! i am actually grateful to hear that the Bee Coat is finished as I have no idea what to do with it further! sometimes one must just walk away…see ya soon.

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