Posted: November 11, 2013 in New Mixed Media art

be braveHi to all. I’ve been out of touch for about 18 months, wrestling with Resistance and am actively recovering my neglected inner artist and child. While I’ve missed creating and communicating, the time away was both necessary and restful.

So, my journey now is play and fun. I’m remembering what I loved to do as a little girl…watercolor, draw, garden, read, listen to music and birds and hand stitch. My new “practice” is creating for fun only and for myself only.

Yesterday I created this little naive piece, inspired by Early American samplers. I did some lettering on the top I didn’t like so I covered it up with washi tape. Today I wrote a fairy tale inspired by this image, writing with my non-dominant hand. The owl and his advice got pulled out of the story and I resolved the issue of the scary cat. I enjoyed captioning the piece AFTER it was done.

PS, I always want to draw cats but they look like rats with the personality of a fox. Sly and sneaky, not feline at all.

Tunes today: Tears for Fears “Elemental”, Jane Siberry “When I was a Boy”, Patty Griffin “children running through”, Aimee Mann “The Forgotten Arm”, REM “Reconstruction of the Fables”, Willy Porter “Dog Eared Dream”.

In case you’re interested.

Maybe I’ll be here tomorrow, maybe not. I might skip down the sidewalk or run with scissors instead.

  1. What a delightful piece – both the art and the post! I celebrate your return. And yay for fun and play. Great play list – I’ll definitely be spinning those.

  2. crickyn says:

    thank you dear friend. it’s good to be back and fun to have fun!

  3. Linda says:

    Fair warning-I’ll play dress-up and hopscotch, and kick ball with you- BUT NOT MAIDS, LOL

  4. Linda says:

    LOL, ah, you just saw at an early age I was born to serve, and started training me!

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