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I learned yesterday that as part of my participation showing my altered purses in Trashion Fashion at ARTpool Gallery in July I need to style and accessorize seven models for the runway. YIKES! My experience in runway fashion happens on Lifetime Thursday evenings glued to to the tube. Anyway, the glove has been thrown down. The idea of this fashion show is that the featured items are 50% trash or thrift type finds. I love the flower look of the bottom of this soda bottle (it is a small bottle, not the honking soda size). I am also considering drink umbrellas, altered child sized umbrellas and medalions made from yo yo’s with vintage pin centers, some vintage embroidery or crochet,using repurposed chain necklaces etc. I need headgear, necklace, bracelet (obviously the purses I entered in the show originally are the star accessory) and something for the models to carry. That’s where I thought of umbrellas as delightful parasols. Any ideas out there how to make great fashion items ON THE CHEAP and out of junk? Or the most inexpensive place to find kid’s umbrellas?


The star of this necklace is the gorgeous hand cast bronze petroglyph pendant by Nancy Young which I purchased from her probably around 1995 or so. The large beads are charoite, the purple cylinder beads are lepidolite and the chips and buttons are ameythst. I do not know at the moment what the yellow-green faceted bead is but I hope to find out. The two charms were found earrings. I am a huge fan of Nancy Young’s work and wish I had bought more of her castings when she sold them to the public because I believe now she produces them only for her own use. They are gorgeous work.