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I was doing my process as usual and minding my own business when I finished up the portrait and stood back and saw this magnificent bear on top of the blue circle which I swear I didn’t put there! Well, I guess I did…immediately I knew it was the dancing bear on the moon. This is a 12″ canvas, paper layer, acrylic paint, face basics from a stencil by Blazer Designs manufactured by the Crafters Workshop, found tag, journaling and charcoal. Perhaps my favorite of the latest pieces, it’s hard to say. They each have their own personality but you gotta love a dancing bear on the moon.

A new canvas from the last couple days, seems to be romantic. I’ve done three others with basically the same palette so it looks like a new series is born. Paper foundation with Mod Podge™, acrylic paint, buttons, tag stamped and journaled, then a whirl of charcoal with a stamped birdy. A little charcoal was used to define the hair. Found objects are sewn on, not glued, that way I know they are on there for good. I may make greeting cards from her, I think she’s sweet.

My work has been juried into Artpool Gallery in St. Petersburg and may be seen as of today. I will be showing six pieces in my romantic fantasy series (My Love appears above), and my 4×6 pieces recently printed by styrofoam plate. Artpool recently reopened in a large building on Central Avenue across from Haslams book store, for those living in the area. Please come by and see this great gallery space and visit my work! The piece above is canvas surface embellished with paper, paint, stenciling, found object hankie, bird, spoon and roses from my husband that I dried myself. The objects are sewn on and the final touch was journaling with a white Sharpie Poster Paint™ pen.

I got froggy yesterday and made several printing plates from recycled styrofoam. It is one of my favorite ways to make an image, especially if you want a folk art look. I happen to be reading the new release from Clarissa Pinkola Estés, PhD, “Untie the Strong Woman”, which is about the sacred mother archetype. It’s a fabulous book! It inspired me to draw this Our Lady Guadalupe with a pen onto the styrofoam. I then “inked” the plate by smoothing gesso across it with a credit card, leaving a thin layer. I had already prepped a found plaque with white gesso and simply pressed the plate on top with medium pressure. Voila! I discovered as I was adding some pencil details that I could scratch through the white gesso down to the original photo on the plaque, thus creating a sgraffito look that I think enhances the folk art quality. The last step was a thin layer of beeswax to protect and deepen the layers. Save that styrofoam from the market!