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madonnapereiraMerry Christmas!

I received this gorgeous Madonna and Child image from my friend, the artist Pereira. I love the Madonna image, and no more so than at this time of year. In this image, I see similarities to two distinct styles, with a mixture that is a refreshing and intriguing POV. These styles are two of my very favorites.

My initial thought was to the illuminated manuscripts of the Medieval ages. Obviously the Madonna/Child iconography was common during the Medieval times, but it is more the detailed, botanical renderings of this painting that evoked my response. The illuminated manuscripts illustrated gorgeous flowers, vines, animals and usually the inclusion of insects, notably bees. The detail in the leaves and flowers are characteristic of the period. These elements in combination suggested to me those most reverential religious artworks.

The other stylistic reference I see is one of Latin culture and folkloric Mother images. Perhaps the full bloom flora and vibrant colors remind me of Guadeloupe. Maybe it is the invocation of holistic connection between Mother, Child and the natural world that re-minds me of milk from the breast, honey from the hive and the sweet fragrance of flowers.

But, the best thing about this piece of art, in my opinion, is the elegant merging of two disparate styles into a distinctive new vision. It is evocative and lush, and it delights me. Brava!