Fern Stenciled with Modeling Paste

Posted: January 15, 2016 in New Mixed Media art


At long last, here is last week’s unpresented Daily Art piece. Since I am a One Trick Pony, I stenciled the image with modeling paste first. It doesn’t take overly-long to dry, but remember I only have one hour. I used the fan on it; I was afraid the heat gun might turn the paste glue-y. So I waited. And waited. Clock, people. Finally it was ok to apply some water and Cotman tube watercolors. I used a fine-tipped brush to get into the tight fern leaves.

I’ve said before that I don’t have experience with watercolor media. But I definitely enjoy both using it and the appearance of it. You can see my amateur ability here. The red/pink/brown area in the right bottom is just wrong. None of my color intermingling turned out anywhere near the glorious radiant ideal in my head. But the bottom right looks as if I turned the water jar over it and scrubbed like Lady MacBeth to make it right. In a last ditch effort (clock, people) I threw rice and salt over it, thinking it could make a mottled texture that would distract from my inexperienced application. Alas, it did not. One grasps for miracles in these matters.

Sometimes makes work and sometimes makes don’t. I show these pieces, not to ridicule or shame myself, but to demonstrate that the important thing is to get into the studio and do something, even if it’s “wrong.” Learn. Make. Learn again. Keep at it. Don’t try, just do–it’s only a piece of paper.



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