The Dragon, The Knight and The Steed

Posted: December 30, 2015 in Dragon, Fairy tale, Knight, myth, mythic quest, New Mixed Media art, Nikki St. Laurent, scapular, Steed


I already spent most of the day blogging at Mythos so I’m going to reprint a page from my process journal about this piece:

December 1 & 2:

Nikki (Nikki St. Laurent) made the Dragon’s Eye pendant and I had a torch fired hoop that worked color-wise. I tried various combinations and went down that path for quite a while. Finally I had an arrangement that used a spectacularly colored designer leather scrap I swore I could never find a use for. (Note: it looked like dragon scales). I LOVED the leather with the finish on the dragon eye, so reptilian and mythic. By Day 1 end I had a workable design that just needed minor assembly and a closure.

Day 2 I was still good with the piece and pleased with the component meld, but the closure stumped me. It was too heavy for a leather lace. Ball chain was out. I tried every silver chain I had and none worked so I thought of going to the store. The more I thought about going to the store for chain and a clasp, the more I thought about Make Do. I noticed a buckle part on my table…beautifully etched and in the shape of a shield. I removed the torched hoop and decided to form horsehair to create a loop on the bottom of the shield.  I really did not want to leave off that leather, but then I thought about the courage of the Knight. Courage, “la couer”, the heart. Also, the heart of the Steed and the red of scapulars. It occurred to me to make it a “badge of the Quest” scapular so I decided on deep red thread and seam binding to help form the horsehair. I knotted the hair at the bottom, sewed it in place, leaving ends to appear from behind the shield. I ran horsehair through the buckle hole, knotted it and ultimately hung the dragon’s eye off it at the top. I attached a tiny heart-shaped lock with a tiny brass safety pin.

The Knight is on the Quest, the Dragon guards the treasure the Knight seeks. The mythic story. But what of The Steed that carries the knight for many days over arduous land. Certainly he represents the energy needed to carry the Knight to the final destination. The loyalty and stamina. This is my tribute to the Steed.


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