Look closely

Posted: May 15, 2012 in photography
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If you look closely at this photograph, taken by an unknown shooter many years ago, you will see a very clear double exposure image. While we can produce these kinds of things in Elements and PS, there is something magical and just a tad creepy about a double exposure produced in camera. This is a found photograph and one that I treasure, not just because of the double trouble but because I enjoy the guy leaning up against a huge tree on a lazy afternoon out with his peeps having fun and somebody snapped the pix. This image has found it’s way into three canvases so far and I do not tire of him. Don’t overlook not so early photos. The rage for a long time has been late 1800s, but mid 20th century photography has a more accessible quality. I grew up with photos like this and will always love them and now I use them in my art because it is becoming a lost art.


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