Altered tote bag with original photography

Posted: May 3, 2012 in New Mixed Media art, photography
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I picked up about half a dozen black edged canvas totes at a thrift store a while back and decided to alter them with photography and mixed media. The mannaquin photo is an original, altered a bit in Elements. That is a flattened drink umbrella in the upper right corner and a sassy crow image from Kerry Carbary in the upper left. The rest is tissue paper, asian newspaper, stenciling and rub-0n letters. The other side is collaged in a similar manner. This bag is about 4 years old but I notice my style hasn’t changed all that much. These materials remain favorites, as does my love of mannaquins as photo fodder. This tote and several other altered purses will be featured in the Trashion Fashion show at ARTpool Gallery in July. The first time any of my wearables have been in a show. Yippee!

  1. Elizabeth says:

    What a fabulous altered bag, and congratulations on the show! The grungy style is hip, keeps interest, and (despite my usual leanings toward completely simple and neutral when it comes to clothing and accessories) is something I would completely use. Love it!

    • crickyn says:

      thanks so much elizabeth! yes, it is fun to splurge visually on accessories, esp. of clothing is neutral.i use these bags all the time cuz i’m a jeans and tee shirt kinda woman.

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