Graffiti wall, crop two

Posted: April 27, 2012 in graffiti, New Mixed Media art, photography
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Another crop of the magnificent graffiti wall shown earlier in the week. This crop follows the rule of thirds, with the lightest toned part of the image (mountain) on a third. We have an off centered crop and the repetition of the shape of triangles three times in the focal points. When selecting elements to crop, a good rule of thumb is to use an odd numbered amount of focals. We have lost and found. Keep in mind that the eye goes to the lightest color first when viewing an image, so the lightest should be well placed. There is a hierarchy of what the mind wants to see and how it orders it. Light color, face parts (human) face parts (animal) face parts (babies). Of the facial expressions, eyes then mouth. Hands and feet are important. Light colors moving to dark, other body parts. So if you want to crop a face, always try for the eyes first placed on a third, using the mouth on a third or eliminating the mouth for a stronger crop. That way the mind doesn’t have to play the choice game of what to look at. As I view this crop I notice a lack of emotional response. I was more interested in yesterday’s reptile tail. I believe that is because of the curvilinear look of the tail as opposed to the very linear shapes of these buildings. Also, these buildings are man made, the tail is natural and belonging, we assume, to something live even tho we couldn’t see the entire animal. We can appreciate the skill needed to create these buildings ON a building, the texture mixes, the shading for the windows and door, etc. But the image does not stir me like yesterday’s crop. Perhaps it is my skill in cropping, perhaps this crop is not as good as yesterday’s. But if it wasn’t for the mountain (nature) in the background, if that had been another man made building and not a mountain, you probably wouldn’t be looking at this image today. The mountain saves this crop from being a study in architecture.


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