Wings for Flying

Posted: January 30, 2012 in expressive painting
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This is the last of a series of five expressive paintings I created (not all of them have been posted to the blog yet). Is it an angel? Is it Icarus? My feeling is that the figure is looking down slightly before taking off, there is a little something in the shadow on the back of the head that suggests that to me. These paintings really are about the feel of the paint on my hand, the colors that happen, what I want to “save” and what I want to cover up. That is how the white got there. covering up something that I wasn’t as pleased with as the deeper colors and layers at the top of the work. Generally, several days after the paintings are made some idea as to what is there becomes conscious,  and I will often outline or mark the canvas with charcoal at that stage. This one has so many marks in it for the feathers and the hair that I didn’t feel the need for charcoal…yet.


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