Camera shy guy

Posted: December 9, 2011 in New Mixed Media art
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Camera shy guy originally was a found photograph from the ’50s of a man in what seems to be his new TV/electronics store. I loved his big old hand trying (nearly successfully) to block his face, with all his retro equipment in the background. I bought a cool book of stencils just for the telephone poles and was jones-ing to use them. The photo was shopped a little in Elements, affixed to a canvas board, stenciled and painted (Golden’s Micaceous Iron Oxide was one paint I used). I then put lines on his big old hand and drew him a pocket for the  pocket protector you KNOW was waiting on his desk. Leslie Curran bought this piece for her cool store, Interior Motives, 1110 Central Avenue, St. Pete, FL. He accepts visitors but remember, he’s shy…


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