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This small glass topped box is hard to see in it’s entirety in a blog format. The picture is a found photograph someone took of a bunny at a drainage ditch. The bunny is tiny compared to the enormity of the area it was in and the rest of the picture so I took a good bit off one side of the photo. Then to bring the attention more to the bunny goodness I smeared some white gesso (it looks blue IRL too) around the edge and made a little bunnyhead drawing on the lower left side. On the bottom of the box I wrote Funny Bunny over and over again in pencil. There is some journaling about the photo and what appealed to me about it along the front edges of the box and the sides. I found an old fashioned looking bunny illustration in an old Compton’s Encyclopedia that I cut out and glued to the outside bottom of the box, completing it. These pieces are actually little thought experiments for me. Why did somebunny take this bunny picture? Why did they keep it? Is it their bunny or a wild bunny? Why were they at a drainage ditch? Pick a thought and build a box around it, that’s my story and I’m sticking with it.


This box was started about an hour ago. My motivation? Use up about 600 sq ft of collected seashells (I live in Florida) and combine them with something ELSE that’s taking up room, which is about two dozen of these glass topped wood boxes that have been MOCKING ME for several years now. Their mocking tone still haunts me in my most private moments…but I digress.

Really, this shell started it all. It has the most gorgeous naturally made writing on it, so much so that it made me think of a long lost unforgiven song. Another storage box yielded the broken religious necklace in blue, and I happened to have a shoebox full of drilled glass jewels so I selected one. I applied mortar to the bottom of this box which should work, if I used enough. Which I’m beginning to doubt. Then I drew symbols and textured the mortar itself to echo the marks on the shell.

One would think the next step is to wait for it to dry and see if it all falls apart. If it does I will probably lather, rinse and repeat. If it doesn’t, the fun begins. Will the mortar dissolve if I try to antique the background? Will that stress pop off the inclusions? It also needs writing, so I’ll be thinking about what to write on the top of the box and around the edges. Right now the box is raw wood. Paint, stain, crackle?? White wash? The uncertainty of it all. Oh. the. uncertainty.

What do YOU think about it?