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Bird totem is a 16×20 stretched canvas onto which I expressively painted with my fingers. The fun of this technique is laying paint down with multi-colors going and mixing them in hand and then seeing what the patterns and shapes turn out to be. This one is an owl or even parrot like bird because of the shortish beak and squat body shape. Charcoal outlining helps define the shapes once I identifiy them, and for random mark making. This technique, which began as a student request in one of my classes this past year, is rapidly becoming one of my favorite ways to work. I love the freedom and the squishy feeling of the paint. If you don’ t like what you did, or don’t see any special pattern or shape,  you simply go over it again until you do. Easy peasy. Try it! Paper or canvas works great. Brown paper bags would even be cool.

This is a 16×20 stretched canvas with a close up of the focal point. The painting was done expressively using only my hand, although the rest of the body does come into play occasionally, like to stand up! After painting, I noticed the figure on the left and outlined it in charcoal. That was yesterday. Then today, I noticed the figure on the right and outlined it in charcoal as well. The rest of the painting has different textures and colors. This type of painting is very freeing and is the direct opposite of the work of the past several weeks, detailed faces which take much more control, and a paintbrush. I like to work this way in series, as once you get paint all over the hand it is a shame to waste it. More to come this week.