wall of faces

Here’s a bonus post, since you missed me so badly last week. It is a piece of printer paper with a paper doll upper body shape  traced on it. Not all the faces are female, some are male and some are cross/transgender, gender neutral, with a couple animals thrown in. Basically I sat down with the blank face/neck shapes and a Artline black pen and drew. I experimented with different sized/placed eyes, hairstyles, mouths and noses. Once I got warmed up and engrossed in whatever we were watching on TV, I found myself drawing without any plan or thought. The results are loose, simple expressive and low pressure. If one doesn’t satisfy, move onto the next.

The biggest problem I have with drawing is never being able to duplicate stuff that I like. It’s so hit and miss. If I draw a cool chick, I’m never going to see her again. I admire artists that create a character, say, a comic character, and they can draw her in every expression, emotion and situation. My comic character would need to be a shapeshifter, because she’s never going to look the same, one drawing to the next. You could not pick her out in a lineup.

Get yourself a piece of paper and draw egg shapes, rectangles, circles or squares. Draw robots and animals and kids and adults. Or, do like I did and trace around a doll pattern, paper doll or animal silhouette. Use fun stencils and doodle inside or around the outlines. Just go for it. Who cares what they look like?



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