Snap, crackle? No pop.

Posted: February 23, 2014 in New Mixed Media art

cracklejournal72Ok, so at some point today I got all up in the idea that I wanted to crackle a journal page. Crackle finish has always been attractive to me. The last time I got fascinated I bought several brands and kinds of crackle products. A couple were actually paints that were supposed to crackle on their own, I believe one was Martha Stewart decorative paint and another was Ranger Crackle paint. It’s been a while since I tried them, I will admit that. But I also think if they worked well I would have been crackling everything that couldn’t get away, including the cat. And I have no crackle to show, so that’s my story and I’m sticking with it. Then I also bought a few crackle mediums, one by Folk Art brand which I believe I used in the past and did work, but not necessarily all the time. I’m not sure what the other brand(s) might have been because I just did a studio sweep since my last tragic post and it’s possible some stuff may have dried up and gotten pitched. Today I found a very exhaustive post on line that used Elmer’s glue, just normal, not the “new improved formula” or the “strong” or the “wood” glue. Just school glue. And the nice person had actually put about a dozen photos up, with exactly the paint colors, thinned or not thinned, glazed or not glazed. I mean, she went to town. I love her for that. But I think I am correct that all the normal Elmer’s glue I might have had before the studio sweep is likely not there anymore. I might be correct that I was too lazy to look. My laziness has been addressed on this blog before, but perhaps you were not paying attention. Anyway, I got it in my HEAD that I have Mod Podge by the gallon and it is ALWAYS fresh and available. That is because I believe that Mod Podge is holding the multiverse together and I don’t want to get caught without it. I really wanted to crackle with Mod Podge and some person on-line indicated it might be possible, so I immediately went and got my “junk” map journal and smeared a whole lot of Mod Podge on there. I put a fan on it and let it dry while I went back to the Internet to find out numerous other stuff. I returned and put an out of the bottle light to moderate coat of the nearly flourescent colored paint I cannot seem to leave alone lately. Normal bottle craft paint, and I put the fan on that too and it dried. The suspense is killing you, isn’t it?

My hope was that the detailed map print on the page would be visible under the orange paint cracks. I may have put too thin a paint layer on there, or maybe it just doesn’t work to crackle with Mod Podge. But I do not see any crackles. I see texture, from the heavy layer of Podge, but not crackles in the paint. My disappointment is palpable.

But, it’s better to not crackle after trying than to not try crackle at all.

Here’s a follow up. I did overpaint the canvas I was moaning about in the last post. Not entirely but most of what I hated the most. I also did a complete studio clean out, moved out a storage rack and moved in another work table so that I do have tabletop that I can sit at for smaller tight work. I moved all my rubber stamps out (a big collection) and I actually have real estate in there now. Eureka! I was shocked to see that the last post I did was more than a month ago. In addition to the studio clean out, which was more than a full time week to do, I also got 5 bids on a new roof, dealt with roof noise for 3 days, and have just in the last week gotten 7 bids on central air conditioning which will be done in the next week or so, hopefully. Before the hell days of summer arrive here, which is about 3 weeks from now. On the serious. For those of you clawing your eyes out with the horrible winter you’ve had, the unrelenting brutal tundra, I have sympathy. You are probably thinking, “oh how horrible, she’s in FLORIDA, feeling HOT. Oh, the HUMANITY.” But believe me, the summer here is long. In fact, we have had our air conditioning on non-stop til after Christmas, and back on in mid-January. That’s hot.

Sorry to stick you with a non-crackled plain orange page but that’s the way it is. Later.


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