Salt dough ornament

Posted: March 27, 2012 in New Mixed Media art
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I got a wild hair about six months ago to make some salt dough and play around with it. Great fun! Totally non toxic and no worry about fumes as it cooks or any of that stuff that comes along with other clays. Plus, it cooks benignly in your kitchen oven, although the cooking time for ornaments is very long (around 10+ hours at a low temp) and not conducive to Florida in the summer. However, that is the only drawback I can see to it. This ornament was a thickish slab of clay, hand formed and then hand stamped with a deeply etched rubber stamp. After the baking and cooling, I glazed it with brown umber acrylic paint which I wiped off and left in the impression so it would show up against the neutral colored clay. I strung all my ornaments of various sizes onto a handmade bamboo branch armature, sort of abacus style, with the addition of only small commercially made ceramic beads. Very primitive.


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