Piscean necklace for a change of pace

Posted: March 12, 2012 in beadwork
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I made this necklace over the weekend. It’s the first beaded project I’ve done in years. I have a lot of beads. Remember what I’ve told you about my definition of “a lot”. That’s been coming up a lot lately, hasn’t it? haha. I was reminded of the old joke “how do you eat an elephant” answer “one bite at a time”. So since my beads are sorted by color I decided that I would work monochromatically for a while until I started feeling more comfortable working into those file drawers. The necklace is worked in yellow orange beads with two Asian designed carved fish to represent Pisces. (Remember, I am Pisces Rising). It also has citrine and yellow jasper, was well as shell and AB finished faceted glass beads. I used a slide clasp for the first time and like it; easy to take on and off and doesn’t take up as much room as a toggle clasp. There are also brass colored tiny metal beads for the “oooh shiney” I require. All in all, I’m pleased. Enjoy your day!

  1. Very imaginative and attractive. It makes me want to bust out my beads and have at it!! I don’t have the variety of raw materials you have though.

    • crickyn says:

      hi annie, thanks for the compliments. definitely pull those beads out and start designing! and having less raw materials can be a blessing in disguise. trying to bust the stash is one of the reasons I’ve taken beading back up again. tl

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