Posted: March 3, 2012 in art doll
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Meet Albert. He has a funny story. Well, sort of funny. I bought a bunch (when I say a bunch, the numbers are usually astonishing) of these plain cloth dolls on clearance about a decade ago. I always wanted to make dolls, see. But the plain sort of ill shaped dolls mocked me. Don’t know how to sew (or rather, design patterns) so no clothes. Tried weaving over one and that took forever just to cover the body rectangle. I think I even tried painting one once. Everything that ever happened with these dolls, which wasn’t much, was only done once. So I decided to give some away and have a friend that said she’d take some. God bless her. Then the one I brought in to send her a picture of started mocking me. In order to shut it up, I applied gesso in black and white, then put a face on with those marvelous Sharpie poster paint markers, then when it was dried did that (except for the face) about three more times to cover, then sewed some shirt buttons on and called it Albert. I believe I got the last laugh…or did I??

  1. megan noel says:

    very cool! maybe you should do one w/ a brown paint pen that looks hennad!

  2. Linda says:

    Yea Albert! You did good, I likes him.

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