Fanciful portrait

Posted: February 4, 2012 in New Mixed Media art

A fanciful portrait of the model from the last ARTpool party who dressed up in a Dali-esque mustache, bustier and circus like tutu. She had a lot of experience being in role and put on a fine show throughout the event. I already used the photo Bob took of her on the runway to make a cigar box purse with (see previous blog post) but when faced with a self-inflicted portrait challenge  her haughty expression came to mind. Really like this girl; in fact, she has spawned a series of mustachio-d lady portraits that you will be seeing in the coming days. For fun, Google Images “women with mustaches” to see all kinds of cool photos of women with fake hair mustaches, penciled in mustaches and real mustaches. Don’t forget, Frida Kahlo went through periods of her life where she dressed like a man and put on mustaches, even had family portraits taken. Perhaps for the ARTpool masquerade ball in March…


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